Tall pixie with smile and beer in his hand and a story on his lips.


Tamar son of Tamilin

Twenty years old. 2’7". Brown Eyes. Right Handed. 30.5 lbs.


Tamar son of Tamilin

Tamar the Gifted, the Magnificent, the Incredible, the Most Awesome, you get the idea, was born 20 years ago in the lands of Telflamm. From a young age, it was obvious that Tamar was gifted. He excelled in all his studies and has a burning curiosity second only to a cat. Did I mention he was gifted? He is larger than most pixies standing at 2’7” weighing over 30 pounds. He is quick of wit and always telling jokes or stories about his great pranks. The only thing he loves more than a good joke is a good drink. He scours the county side trading his fermenting recipes with those brewers who have an excellent brew. He has also been known as the “brew-whisperer”. When someone is working on a new recipe and can’t seem to get it right, Tamar has been known to help them out, for a modest fee. He is friendly, jovial and an all-around good guy. But he does have a secret.

About two hundred years ago, one of the ancestors of Tamar, Mahar of the silent wing, an adventurous lad, found himself in the lands of Kara-tur. There he found himself lucky enough to become friendly to a lord of the lands, Katsumi Yoshi. The lord himself was originally a ninja, but married well and retired. Seeking to protect himself and his new family noted that the pixie had all the qualities to be a fantastic ninja. So Kasumi Yoshi taught him requesting that the pixie’s family protect his family and become part of his clan. So this arrangement went for until the lord’s family became destitute and fell out with the court about thirty years ago. The pixie clan, some 18 pixies, and the human family, 35 in all packed up and went west, settling in Telflamm.

There the family utilized their knowledge of alchemy to become one of the premier exotic brewers in the Unapproachable East. Their brew is known as far as Procampur. They specialize in rice wine, but have beer as well as harder beverages. They brew under the sign, the Grey Crane. The clan grew prosperous once again. Tamilin has two sons, Amon and Tamar, as well as three daughters, Jasmin, Rose and Buttercup. There would be little inheritance for Tamar. So Tamar took a small inheritance from his father and struck out and began looking for work. Before he left, his father gave him a black kabuki mask etched in grey that was handed down by Mahar.

Everywhere Tamar went he always tried his best to show off his love for brewing and trade his skills for lodgings in a tavern. He carries with him a book of recipes and brewing apparatus diagrams in which he detailed all his knowledge. In his books are dwarf, elf, and various regional human and even orchish recipes. In smaller towns and locations, he would also perform comedy at night for the patrons. He is quite gifted in that respect as well. He is an attention whore, more or less. He likes the world to see him and he gains joy off their laughter.

He travels with a cart and mobile still. He has a riding dog, Sebastian, which he uses in large town while drumming up business. He has been in town for some time when the adventure begins working at a local tavern.


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